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Cindy McCain, the widow of Sen. John McCain, posted a hateful message she received from a stranger the same day President Donald Trump disparaged her late husband.

The $71 billion acquisition between Disney and Fox has finally closed, bringing two Hollywood powerhouses together. Now, Disney has big plans for Hulu and its film franchises.

A new rumor has suggested that the upcoming series of Star Wars films by Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will take place during the Old Republic era.

New Zealand PM Ardern says 30 victims now identified and available to families for burial as first services begin.

Former Vice President Joe Biden contacted a group of supporters Tuesday to ask for help in raising money from major donors and made known he's planning to enter the 2020 presidential election, the Wall Street Journal reported.

For a guy with super-speed, Barry Allen sure doesn't like to move very quickly.


LeeLoo ePassport Reader

Application that lets you read the content of your passport's NFC chip.

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Currency. Exchange. Ukraine

Exchange rates in Ukraine. Safe anonymous currency exchange.

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The Devil's Dictionary

The Devil's Dictionary is a satirical dictionary written by Ambrose Bierce.

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Liberta Car Launcher

Liberta Car Launcher is Car Dock application

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NetCat for Android

A simple application for traffic generation for localhost and remote server as well

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Happy Halloween!

Meet crazy and funny Happy Halloween Monsters!

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WarmUp Wallpapers

Most high quality wallpapers! Bring you the highest quality wallpaper WarmUp

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